King Britt Presents "On The Seventh" (Milan Entertainment)

As a swish hotel with an opulent restaurant and lounge on the seventh floor,

what do you do in order to give your temporary resting spot the edge over the

competition? Well, if you’re the Park Hyatt in Chicago, you employ Philadelphia

based King Britt to compile an album to play in the lounge! The concept behind

this is a little odd, but the music from Britt is deeply-touching and much

better than the usual piped dross that many hotels subject their guests to.

Twyla’s “Love of a Lifetime” is a hopelessly romantic ode to attempting to find

a special person, backed by acoustic guitar smiles and exhibitionary strings.

Sharkskin’s “Kiran’s Dance” is not a violent boogie, but an eastern influenced

roller, with an obscured bass and haunting synths. Anetria Wright contributes

the Joseph ‘Amp’ Fiddler produced “Feeling Of Love”, where abrupt synths, sweet keys and touched vocals combine. If they played this type of music in every hotel, then the world would be a friendlier place! (Jon Freer)

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