Julie Dexter – Transitions (produced by Zo!)

Julie Dexter & Zo - Transitions

Julie Dexter & Zo - Transitions

The other day I got an email in my box via the Moovmnt fellas – Julie Dexter – Transitions (produced by Zo!) it said. Awesome, new Julie Dexter, I thought. However, turns out this track was released several years ago and Moovmnt were showcasing it as part of “slept-on sundays.” So clearly I’m guilty of sleeping on it, but am glad Moovmnt brought it to light again, it’s a really great track. Once I heard it, I kinda wanted to hear more collaborations between these two, although none could be found. I also could not find an album on which this track was actually released. If anyone knows of its fate, please leave a comment!

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