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Live and direct out of the Brooklyn borough on down to Philly, JNEIRO JAREL has slowly been digging his way up through the hip-hop underground for 15 years. At the age of 5, JNEIRO JAREL’S family moved out of the Brownsville section of Brooklyn . His mother was in the army, and as a result, he lived in many places. ( Maryland , Arizona , Georgia , etc.) finally touching down in Houston Texas circa 1985.

With hip-hop in his blood freestyle experience stirred thick in his back-back, Omar Jarel Gilyard made the transformation into a professional rapper upon touching down in Houston Texas circa 1992 where he took his skills to the streets, quickly landing gigs with Houston notables HI FIVE, YZ, SPECIAL ED, and eventually forming and producing “THE SLUM KIDS” aka “RHYTMIC CREW” in 1994 (the group also included AAHTUE and NAHUMA both of whom make guest appearances on 3PP) . Rocking shows and free-styling with THE PHARCYDE, PRODIGY OF MOBB DEEP, THE GETO BOYS, etc. Life in H-Town’s underground hip hop scene was fresh and fierce, but being a big fish in a small town led him to seek out bigger seas.

THE NEW YORK YEARS (1998-2004)
In 98, JNEIRO JAREL felt he had to leave the group and relocate back to NY to realize his dreams. Upon the return he officially changed his name to Jneiro Jarel and quickly became a fixture in OKAYPLAYER’s “BLACK LILY” gigs at THE WETLANDS and BUTTERFLY CAFE’. PUBLIC ENEMY producer HANK SHOCKLEE later “discovered” JJ through MP3.com and instantly had him opening up for JULIE DEXTER , LORD FINESSE and others. While the deal stalled, JJ honed his production skills and started to build a buzz for his skills behind the board. By 2003 JNEIRO was the sole representative from New York to participate and perform at THE RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY in Cape Town , South Africa .

Through his success in the indie-music scene, he has come to link up with well known dee jay/producers such as RICH MEDINA , KING BRITT and THE MARKSMEN. He also has collaborated with JAZZANOVA, DKD, LIZZ FIELDS, TIOMBE LOCKHART, FERTILE GROUND, ANDREW EDWARD BROWN & VINIA MOJICA. Showing his diversity as a producer, JNEIRO JAREL has teamed up with artists such as ROCQUE WUN, MEL OWENS, CAPITAL PEOPLES and DR. WHO DAT? Producing a wide range of styles from acid jazz, afro-brazilian, hip-hop to broken beat.

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