Jayvon Presents: Tron Legacy Remixed EP

Jayvon Tron Legacy Remixed

Jayvon Tron Legacy Remixed

LA-based producer & DJ Jayvon has created this sweet little mash-up project based on Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy movie score. In this 4 track EP, Jayvon re-imagines Sade, Terence Trent D’Arby, Lil Jon and Daft Punk themselves. The result is some atmospheric soul, the likes of which you haven’t really heard before! Well, I could do without Lil Jon (in life in general as well as in this EP), but the beats are awesome. Listen to the Sade and Daft Punk tracks below and head over to Jayvon’s site to download the whole EP. Check out the rest of his music selections – there’s a lot of good stuff to be found there….

Listen to “Pearls (Jayvon Mix)”:

Listen to: “Derezzed x Technologic (JayvonMix)”:

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