J. Boogie’s Dubtronic Science Announces Free Download

Om Records and J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science offer up “You’re the Murdera” a new single for free download on www.om-records.com to help promote political awareness in America. Speaking on the concept behind the song J Boogie explains “I wanted to come out with a track that addressed the current political situation, so I worked out a beat with some reggae, hip-hop and middle eastern flavor, then enlisted Tony Moses, MC Zion, and Deuce Eclipse for the vocals. We hit the studio for a day, and they wrote their parts right on the spot. It all came together so easily, it was like it was meant to happen.” Taken from the new J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science full-length release “LIVE! IN THE MIX” in stores October 26th! Check out www.jboogie.com for more info!

J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science

“You’re the Murdera” featuring Zion of Zion I, Deuce Eclipse and Tony Moses – Lyrics:

“It’s a global fire season. We have to cut a very wide, wide fire trail between Bush and life’s valuables.

We have to cut a wide fire trail, got to cut out the Bush. “

You wanted peace in the middle east, but you’re a gangsta, you’re a murdera.

We beg you please make the killing cease, no you’re a gangsta, no you’re a murdera.

You wanted oil, but your fruits a spoil, youz a gangsta, youz a murdera.

Tons of blood and it’s about to flood, your a gangsta, you’re the murdera.

Now there’s a war going on across the sea, George Bush dropped a bomb while the cops watch me.

See me in the hood I rock a fake ID, low slumped in my seat head bobbin to the beat.

The slithering snakes as they move for the kill, congressional acceptance on capitol hill.

And they say that I’m a rebel, it’s just the way that I feel

So I fight against the devil in a war that’s concealed, and that’s real.

There’s a really big gun and it’s pointed at you. Worldwide chaos, but not amongst our crew.

We travel over land, sea, air, and despair, colonizing countries and killing the atmosphere.

Here the politricktions care less about addictions, the war that’s on the television seems more like fiction.

El Govermiento no te da alimiento aqui te matan ta dinero. Eso es lo sierto.

Chorus Repeats

What we fighting for, where and why?

Where do they send me off to go and die?

The situation hot, now I can’t even breath.

Fighting for the wrong cause in the country.

En los Estados alli hisieron lo mismo hablas con tu voz y telo tratan como chismo.

I really want to go and know another culture.

I really don’t want to be a eaten by the vulture.

It’s all about the gold, the checks, the oil, the vets, the power to ruin a life, the bomb threats.

The hate, the ignorance, the kids without cribs, United States missiles where Palestinians live.

The death of a nation, camps concentration, race against time movin’ at a slow pace and

We protest and riot till Babylon’s dust, and y’all can’t deny it cause in God we still trust.

“Now we know, homeland security begins with equal rights, and justice for all.”


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