Imogen Heap "Speak For Yourself" (RCA)

More dreamy electro-pop from Frou Frou frontwoman, Imogen Heap. Impressively, she wrote and produced the entire album.


Part cool ‘n’ collected statuesque beauty, part thrilled eight year old, Imogen Heap is struggling to contain her excitement. “For the last year, I’ve had a mission to accomplish,” says the former Frou Frou lass, kicking her pink stiletto-ed heels with joy. From the pride glowing from the songwriter’s grin, it’s clear “Operation Imogen” has been a resounding success. After twelve months of graft in her studio, the bubbly twenty-seven year-old is finally poised to release the glorious ‘Speak For Yourself’’. Filled with grace and passion, and loaded with hooks, it’s a captivating Bjork meets pop-Squarepusher gem of a record and the thoroughly deserving source of her exhilaration.

01. Headlock

02. Goodnight and Go
03. Have You Got It in You?
04. Loose Ends
05. Hide and Seek
06. Clear The Area
07. Daylight Robbery
08. The Walk
09. Just For Now
10. I Am In Love With You
11. Closing In
12. The Moment I Said It

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