Hennessy Black presents Project Art

Project Art

Project Art is an established gathering hub for artists, cultural enthusiasts, and music lovers of all backgrounds to unify and interact with one another. The platform also raises awareness for the alternative art scene through Paintings, Graffiti, Photography and other mediums while all being intertwined with Live Music, Live DJ,  Dance and Breakin.

Project Art has partnered with Hennessy Black to present a multi media series in Chicago that launches with their first event on Friday, May 22nd at Climax Lounge featuring Lupe Fiasco’s recording artist Hey Champ on 1st and 15th Music.

The 2nd and 3rd dates take place June and July TBA with featured artists: Miz Metro, Hollywood Holt, Brittany Bosco, Million $ Mano, Shala and more.

PA Chicago is a unique platform where artists can submit sculptures,paintings, pictures, 3-D Models, a video or modern art but make it beautiful, colorful, clever, amusing and outrageous – innovation being KEY.The different venues will be transformed into art galleries with museum walls.  Every type of art installation will be displayed in its unique creative form.The art curator is Tristan Hummel.Project Art is created and produced by Entity Entertainment.The series kicks off May 22nd at Climax Lounge and is powered by Hennessy Black, with additional support from Fiji Water, Vapors Magazine.  Yelp, and Fusicology.

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