GB "Soundtrack for Sunrise" (Sound In Color)

This is one of the best end-to-end listens I’ve had in a while. As the title suggests, it’s an emotive and thoughtful album, steeped in soul, with a futuristic edge courtesy of a selection of varied broken and downtempo beats.
Some highlights: “After All” is a soulful broken beat featuring the vocals of one Joy Jones, who I believe is the same Joy Jones of the track “Beautiful” which caught a buzz a while back, but I don’t know that it ever had a proper release.
“68th Dimension” and “The Caribbean Temptress” are both soulful and introspective slow burners with a glitchy edge and crispy downtempo beats. The latter is smoothed out with smoky jazz room vibes courtesy of Eddy Emilien’s warm Rhodes noodlings.
There’s also a couple of downtempo soulful ballads like “Simply So” and “Love Is The End”, the former of which features vocals from Steve Spacek. “A Funky Afro Rican Weekend” gets deep with a house-tinged, afrobeat-inspired vibe.
Although the organic meshing of soul, jazz and electronica is nothing new, GB manages to throw a slightly new spin on things with his futuristic edge. The results come together nicely and make this album one that demands, and rewards sustained listening. Highly recommended.

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