GB Interprets His Contemporaries

GB Interprets His Contemporaries

Credit to Illmami @ Soulbounce for posting this.
I was huge fan of GB’s Soundtrack For Sunrise album waaay back in 2004 but hadn’t heard much from GB since. Not sure if that’s because he wasn’t up to much, or I just wasn’t up on it. Either way I was excited to see that this free EP is available. It features GB’s interpretations of other dope artists like Little Dragon, Flying Lotus, Muhsinah, Exile, A Race of Angels in addition to….The Beach Boys.


1. GB Interprets Little Dragon – After the Rain
2. GB Interprets Exile – Radio Medley
3. GB Interprets Flying Lotus – Riot
4. GB Interprets Muhsinah – Always
5. GB Interprets A Race of Angels – The Main Attraction
6. GB Interprets the Beach Boys – I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times

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