GB – Birthmark Between Eyebrows

GB- Birthmark Between EyebrowsProducer GB recently made available an album he completed in 2006, but was never released. Birthmark Between Eyebrows is available for free, no less! Download it here and get ready for some experimental, metaphyscial beats n’ soundscapes.

01. a seed
02. sprouting of the seed
03. photosynthesis (water + sunlight + soil + soul)
04. plant food
05. meditation for the meek
06. (minus understanding) in various movements (first movement)
07. fungus and man at play
08. instructional overhaul (second movement)
09. a deathless end
10. other

from the handwritten notes which were recently rediscovered along with the master CD…

“In the post-historic aftermath of the Great Awakening of 2012, man and his extraterrestrial neighbors were united once again as distant cousins in the family of the Dreamers, each being an offspring of the Dream. The extraterrestrials, calling themselves the Beings of Light, brought with them to Earth a new way for humans to manifest within themselves a formless future of unlimited possibilities. In this way they reacquainted the human race with the One Mind, unveiling many secrets of the Earth that previously went unnoticed and teaching them much about the nature of awareness. The Beings of Light understood the ways in which man depended on the plant kingdom for both physical and psychic sustenance and decided to teach man a valuable lesson about himself. From the Light was born a seed, planted in the only pure soil that remained on Earth…and from the seed grew a creature who was at once teacher and student, father and daughter, predator and prey, everything and nothing.”

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