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Jneiro Jarel should be as big as Madlib, J.Dilla and all those other cats. He’s versatile, soulful, jazzy, and down with some ol’ fashioned boom-bap too. Check out his site for info on his album Three Piece Puzzle which looks like its finally getting a US release, as well as his mix CD Timeless Vol 1, which you can also purchase at
He recently posted up a freebie mix as an mp3 download, entitled “Houston We Have A Solution.” Apparently it was so popular that the extra traffic crashed his site. Fortunately you can still check out the mix here:
You can download cover art from

Tracklisting is as follows:
1. Build An Ark Remixes -” Vibe of The Tribe” Jneiro Jarel Remix intro- (Plug Research)
2. Build An Ark Remixes – “You’ve Gotta Have Freedom” J. Rocc Remix (Plug Research)
3. Label Who? Presents: Beat Journey – “Brazilliant Thought” (Label Who)
4. Shape of Broad Minds – “AKA Mr. Mole” (Label Who/Unreleased)
5. Recloose – Dust (Rocque Wun Mix) Produced By Jneiro Jarel (PeaceFrog)
6. Rich Medina – “I Can’t Hold Back No More” Feat. Sy Smith ( Kindred Spirits US)
7. Jneiro Jarel – “Big Bounce Theory Part 2” Feat. Vinia Mojica (Ropeadope/Kindred Spirits)
8. Shape of Broad Minds- “Dark Surroundings” (Label Who/Unreleased)
9. Shape of Broad Minds – ” Man Whut it Do?” (Label Who/Unreleased)
10. Paul Wall – “They Don’t Know” Feat. Mike Jones (Paid In Full)
11. Champion Souls – “Holdin on” Dr. Who Dat? Remix Produced By Jneiro Jarel (Sunshine/Unreleased)
12. Capital Peoples – ” Capital Peoples Intro/Ghetto Dreaming” – (Label Who/ Unreleased)
13. Paul Wall – “Sittin’ Sidewayz” Feat. Big Pokey of the S.U.C. (Asylum)
14. Rich Medina – “Blues Baby” Featuring Jneiro Jarel ( Kindred Spirits US)
15. Breakthrough – “Not Tommorow But” Featuring Jneiro Jarel & Dr. Who Dat? ( Jazzy Sport)16. Shape Of Broad Minds – “Abstract Forms” (Label Who/Unreleased)
17. Label Who? Presents: Beat Journey – “BBoy Portriat In Spain” (Label Who)
18. Jneiro Jarel – ” Let’s Get Wit It” Feat. Jawwaad, Aahtue A/K/A Alix Da Great & Nahuma Holiday (Ropeadope/Kindred Spirits)
19. Count Bass D – “Down Easy” (Ramp)
20. Shape of Broad Minds – ” Boyond Tomorrow” Feat. Velben (Label Who/Unreleased)
21. Jneiro Jarel – “Kelly Drive” (Unreleased)

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