Fat Jon Bio

fat jon is a member of a progressive hip hop outfit hailing from cincinnati ohio called the five deez. in this group he is an emcee/producer/dj. they were first introduced to the world market with their debut 12″ “bluelight special”. they have since gone on to produce over 40 more releases. their critically acclaimed introductory full length “koolmotor” (counterflow) hit shelves in december 2001. hip hop infinity.com summed it up best, “if the five deez continue making music like this, they are looking to establish themselves as the next big thing.” in 2002 to support koolmotor, five deez toured the world extensively hitting france, germany, austria, the czech republic, switzerland, denmark, belgium, holland, poland, sweden, japan and the usa. at the end of 2002 five deez signed with german mega-label k7! their new album “kinkynasti” is scheduled for a fall release.

fat jon has also stayed quite busy by producing several solo offerings. following up his 2001 instrumental opus “humanoid erotica”, fat jon released two instrumental albums in 2002, “wave motion” (mush) and “lightweight heavy” (dimid). he was featured in urb magazine as a member of its next 100, and was also highlighted by a feature story in billboard magazine. he now lives in berlin. he is also half of the numerical super group 3582, where he provides vocals to lush soulful soundscapes. their 1st ep “the living soul” (hum drums) hit shelves early 2002. their 2nd ep “situational ethics” (hum drums) was released in the fall of 2003..

fat jon is also has a new collaborative project with morr music’s styrofoam. fat jon also toured the world with electronic minimalist producer pole. after meeting in 2002, they recorded new material which appeared on pole’s album “pole” (mute). fat jon has also recorded new music for the television show “samurai champloo” which has been released across several soundtracks. another chance meeting in 2002 led to the formation of ‘rebel clique’ which is the group of fat jon and amleset Solomon. Their debut album is being released in the fall of 2005 on fat jon’s new imprint, ample soul.


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