Emerging Artist: Zach Lipkins

Zach LipkinsSo it’s not unusual that I get emails from artists wanting some shine on the blog. It is considerably more unusual that they turn out to be really, really good! But this is the case with one Zach Lipkins who hit me up recently. He describes his music as Electroacoustic / Trip Hop which does sum it up quite nicely. Based on what I’ve heard on his myspace, there’s elements of the glitchiness of a Dabrye, the folksy acoustic-ness of Savath+Savalas, and some traces of Telefon Tel Aviv. But somehow he’s meshed all these influences together into his own syle that maintains his own, um, Zach-ness, without sounding derivative or unoriginal. In fact his tracks stand up very well to repeated listening and become more unique each time. His captivating soundscapes blend the electronic and acoustic elements into a natural, effortless harmony – melodic acoustic guitars outline bleepy breaks on “The Descent” while his prominent percussion lends an exotic air to the powerful “Fine Tea.” It’s times like this, when fine new artists are exposed that you remember to give thanks for the wonders of MySpace and the rare, but rewarding gems it sometimes reveals.

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