Diggin’ For MP3s

Although I don’t have the time to make this blog a true MP3 blog, I do like the concept -its a great way to utilize the power of blogs to promote music…besides there are already folks out there doing the job more thoroughly than I probably would. For starters, I recommend you to check out o-dub’s Soul Sides mp3 blog. the files only stay up for a week or so, but if you head over there in the next couple days you might still be able to catch postings of mp3s from M.I.A., Lyrics Born, Edan feat. Percee P and Prefuse 73 feat. Masta Killa and GZA, not to mention the new Common track “Corners” feat. Kanye West. Kanye is definitely getting played out – the mere hint of those damn chipmunk vocal samples is enough to start grating the nerves, but fortunately this is one of his better tracks. Still not back to the Common of old, but not bad nonetheless.

You can read and hear more of M.I.A.over at the Music For Robots blog…

Despite saying this won’t be an MP3 blog as such, I am open to posting mp3s, or preferably, links to them from any independent artists (hip-hop, electronica typa stuff) who would like to get the shine…hit us up at the email address over on the right…don’t send mp3s though until we’ve communicated via email.

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