Datura Records – doin’ big thangs

Time to shine the light on Datura Records – a small, but progressive label based out of Kansas City of all places. First coming to attention with the release of Approach’s funk-fuelled hip-hop outing “Ultra Proteus”, they are now gaining attention with other quality releases such as Deep Thinkers’ “Necks Move” (beatlife review coming soon), and their organic, grassroots approach to marketing their label. Check out this enlightening article from Lawrence.com for a closer look at their philosophy. Indie artists should take note and inspiration from these guys.
The Datura crew is definitely not shy about giving away music for promotional purposes. They have a fully downloadable mixtape available HERE, appropriately titled “The Independent Success Story.” Not only that, but the next installment of Datload is also available for download HERE and it features tracks from Opio, Tajai, Approach and many others.

Here’s the official word from the label:
Datload III has finally arrived!!!

This newest installment of FREE hip-hop influenced goodness features exclusives, album cuts, b sides, and collaborations and features tracks from Souls of Mischief members Tajai, Opio, and A Plus, along with Approach, Brother of Moses, Leonard D. Stroy, Mac Lethal, Sound Defects, Mayday ft. production by Plex, Caural, Miles Bonny, Joe Good and many many more.

The Datload series is serving it’s purpose of providing the public with a free glimpse at what’s going on in the hip-hop and beat experimentation underground. If you like what you hear…download it, burn it, tell your friends, and spread the word of good art and music as far and wide as you can.

All songs on Datload series compilations are available for BOTH streaming and downloading. There is no risk of copyright infringement and all songs have been approved for usage on this compilation by the artists involved.


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for more on datura: http://www.daturarecords.com and www.myspace.com/daturamusic

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