D’Angelo – I Found My Smile Again

D\'Angelo - I Found My Smile AgainSo D’Angelo is back. Allegedly. Yeah, I’m cynical. After all, it’s been….how long?!  Well anyway, here’s a kinda new song from the man, the myth, the legend. It’s kinda new because it’s a remake of his 1996 song which can be found on the Space Jam movie soundtrack of all things. I mean, it’s being billed as a “remake” but since I haven’t heard the version on Space Jam, I can’t say for sure if it’s actually any different, or if the record company is just dredging up less well-known tracks in order to get D back in the spotlight.   This version of the track is taken from the recent Best So Far compilation and is supposedly preparing us for an album to be released in 2009. Fingers crossed he can stay off the crack -or whatever it was that has had him off the scene for all this time – long enough to follow through with the promised album.  In any case, this is a fine slice of D’Angelo-style soul and I won’t say no to that.

D’Angelo “I Found My Smile Again”:


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