Colin Munroe Is The Unsung Hero

Colin Munrow Is The Unsung Hero

Ok so when I first heard some tracks from this mixtape I thought, dope production and guest spots (Black Milk, Wale, Mickey Factz to name a few) but not so crazy about the indie-kid vocals. Sounded like some ex-emo boy trying to jump on the mixtape bandwagon courtesy of a hot producer. BUT when I found out that the ‘indie kid’ himself was responsible for a lot of the dope production, I had to give him props. And even though I would prefer a more soulful voice over this kind of production (call me stuck in a rut…i like what i like ;) ), the tracks and melodies are hot and it’s definitely growing on me with every listen (except for “Who Killed Davey More” which is skip-able unless you happen to like Bob Dylan).  I’m still ambivalent about some of the indie-rockier tracks but that’s no reason not to check out this mixtape. He’s signed to Dallas Austin’s Rowdy label, so I’m assuming there’s an album in the works somewhere. Ill-Vibes DMV has a pretty in-depth interview with Munroe if you’d like to find out more about him.
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Colin Munroe Is The Unsung Hero

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