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  • New DJ Rahdu Mix – Swoon Unitz

    New DJ Rahdu Mix – Swoon Unitz

    DJ Rahdu has just dropped this dope mix of progressive soul and hip-hop. Download it for free here (or listen below) and enjoy the dreamy sounds, featuring some of our faves like Peter Hadar, Kissey Asplund, Velben, Dwele, Sy Smith…well shoot, pretty much the whole damn tracklist. Thanks homie! PLAYLIST 1. Swoon Unitz Intro 2. […]

  • Sepalot – Saigon – Did It Again

    Sepalot – Saigon – Did It Again

    Thanks to GiantStep I just got turned on to European producer Sepalot who recently released an album on Compost Records Red Handed. Haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but this track “Did It Again” definitely perked my ears up. It’s hip-hop, but not as we know it. As one might expect from the combination of […]

  • Foreign Exchange – Daykeeper

    So unless you’ve been under a rock as of late, you’re probably hip to the fact that the much-lauded pairing of Dutch beatmaker Nicolay + Little Brother’s Phonte AKA The Foreign Exchange are about to drop another album. Leave It All Behind will be dropping digitally on October 7th with a double CD release to […]

  • Gold Dust Label Sampler Mixtape

    Gold Dust Label Sampler Mixtape

    Gold Dust Label Sampler Mixtape Mixed by Large Pro (Gold Dust, 2008) 1. Zion I- Rush 2. People Under The Stairs- Step Bacc 3. DJ Muggs & Planet Asia- 9mm (feat. B-Real) 4. Large Pro- Hardcore Hip-Hop 5. Brooklyn Academy- What’s The Buzz 6. DJ Muggs & Planet Asia- Drama 7. Zion I- Juicy […]

  • J Davey To Release Double EP

    J Davey To Release Double EP

    So finally J. Davey fans will have something tangible to look forward to from this mystical duo. Apparently they are still signed to Warner Bros and are working on their debut release for them, but let’s face it…it’s been uncomfortably toooo long since they got signed, and still nothing. So don’t hold your breath for […]

  • New Robin Thicke – “Magic”

    New Robin Thicke – “Magic”

    It made me very happy today to see a new Robin Thicke track floatin’ about the interweb. It made me even happier that it’s a dope uptempo, summertime feel-good affair. Been listening to it all day. “Magic” is taken from his forthcoming album Something Else which will feature production from himself, longtime production partner Pro-Jay, […]

  • Download N.E.R.D. “Spazz”

    Download N.E.R.D. “Spazz”

    NERD are back it seems. This track “Spazz” is doin’ the rounds on the interweb right now. Credit where credit is due, I saw it on Soulbounce first. Anyway, the hook could use a little work (IMHO), but the beat bangs. Love it. 

  • Plantlife – Love Toy

    Plantlife – Love Toy

    I dig Plantlife. They’re fonky in all kinds of ways. Their first album “The Return of Jack Splash” was out seemingly eons ago and did not get as widespread a hubbub as it warranted, if you ask me. Now finally the follow-up “Time Traveller” is scheduled for release in June. I believe there were some […]

  • Free Sy Smith Download

    Free Sy Smith Download

    Grab the Rappers I Know Remix of Sy Smith’s “Fly Away With Me” featuring Kay of The Foundation, over at, funnily enough, the Rappers I Know blog….Thanks fellas! The original can be found on her recently released album Conflict which is an excellent serving of edgy soul and should also be added to your collection!

  • Fresh Black Spade Tracks!

    Fresh Black Spade Tracks!

    So the nice folks at Om just hit us up with some new Black Spade ‘ish fresh out the studio. Grab the freeness below: Not sure if I’m really diggin’ the Remixes. They are not bad, but I don’t necessarily feel that they add anything better to the originals. “I’d Rather” is a fun jazzy […]

  • Victor Bermon "Arriving At Night" (Hefty Records)

    Victor Bermon "Arriving At Night" (Hefty Records)

    If anyone knows soulful, glitchy, melodic downtempo, its Hefty. Home of Eliot Lipp and Telefon Tel Aviv, their most recent release comes from Victor Bermon. Arriving At Night is quite beautiful and simultaneously confounding to describe. With beats that at times manage to reference both sparse “post-techno” as well as jazzy gems unearthed in dusty […]