DJ Chicken George

Better late than never….I’ve been sitting on this mix for, oh I dunno, about a month. Oy. Well anyway, good music is still good whenever it’s posted so here goes. DJ Chicken George compiled a fresh mix entitled “The Legendary Latin Funk Sounds of Brownout” in anticipation of Brownout’s sophmore release “Aguilas and Cobras.” It features  a selection of new tracks as well as previous hits from their acclaimed debut album “Homenaje.” This mix pays tribute to Brownout’s impeccable unique sound of heavy Latin percussion and rhythms combined with a mighty horn section. Think FANIA Records meets The JBs with an extra added layer of “hardcore Latin Funk.”

The Legendary Latin Funk Sounds of Brownout mixed by DJ Chicken George

1. They Don’t Know
2. Cuete Interlude
3. Laredo 77
4. C 130
5. Olvidalo feat. Kino of Grupo Fantasma
6 Con el Cuete
7. Chema’s Contraband
8. Family Show
9. African Battle (Hydro’s Throwed Boom Bap Edit)
10. Ayer y Hoy
11. El Narco (Hydro’s South Texas Broken Neck Edit)
12. The Flea