AFTA-1 & Nikko Gray EP

AFTA 1 - Nikko Gray EP

AFTA 1 - Nikko Gray EPAFTA – 1 and Nikko Gray have a truly magical musical partnership. They just released this EP which exemplifies their stylized soul. In my humble opinion, AFTA-1 is making some of the best beats in years. He manages to make his tracks sound like they’re from the  year 4000, but never in a sterile or robotic way. He’s just apparently inhabiting another soulful cosmic dimension simultaneously. Paired with Nikko Gray’s unique vocals, this is pretty much what  love sounds like. Listen and purchase below.

This is how AFTA-1 announced the project on his site:

With Love,
Nikko & I are honored to share our latest project
The AFTA-1 & Nikko Gray EP is a collection of songs originally created for our first performance together, January 2010.
Through a year of experiences in life & love, personal revelations, and strengthened friendships, we were finally ready within the last month, to bring the project to completion. And did so last night at 8pm
And of course, as usual..we made it available immediately

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