Babygrande Records is proud to announce it has entered into a partnership with Viper Records to release the next album from one of the hottest and most important artists in hip-hop, Immortal Technique.

“After considering the many major label and independent offers I received for the distribution of the next record I decided onBabygrande for many reasons: I saw their distribution power through Koch, their solid reputation at retail, and their promotional capabilities as an asset to the team that I had built up. I received contractual agreements that were the most financially stable in the long run for the situation I am setting up.

Chuck Wilson and I worked for months to make a suitable agreement and we found that we are both on same page business-wise for this project. I am very grateful for the support Nature Sounds and Caroline/EMI gave me but this was a step I needed to take to advance the scale of the project.

This album is going to different from the Revolutionary series. Whereas Revolutionary Vol.2 was a response to the government influenced media coverage of terrorism and the addressing of several industry and hood issues, “The Middle Passage” is a more broad and more harsh approach. It is an album that will bring Technique back to the streets on which he started hustling and will have a wider variety of subject matter for people to feel,” explained Immortal Technique from his Harlem, NY headquarters.

“After hearing Tech’s first album in 2002 I knew he was a special artist — you can’t help but think about the messages and lives of people like Che Guevara, Malcolm X, Bob Marley and many others of similar stature when listening to his music. His ability to marry his political, socio-economic and historical perspectives with his authentic, real-life street upbringing makes his art potent, unique and entertaining…and his live show is incredible. I was at the first show he ever performed in LA and it was sold out. Without exaggeration, it seemed like every person in the venue knew every word to every song he performed. It was at that moment I knew that I had to work with this artist.

I’m also an admirer of Tech’s entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic — he literally produced, manufactured and distributed his first two albums from the streets of Harlem which is a great achievement in and of itself. Moreover, he genuinely wants to touch the lives of the less privileged and does so with both his music and his life. In these trying times of war, terrorism, and world-wide instability, Immortal Technique is an important artist not only for hip-hop fans, but for the world,” said Babygrande CEO, Chuck Wilson.

Immortal Technique’s Middle Passage LP will be released world-wide some time in 2005. Babygrande and Viper are also discussing the release of a DVD documentary about Immortal Technique’s life and experiences as a hip-hop artist.

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