12" Reviews

courtesy of Jon Freer

Fat Jon – Talk To Me (Exceptional Records)

The portly beatsmith once again displays his knack for making simple yetincredibly emotive tracks in the form of this EP on Exceptional. “Talk To Me”pleads to be listened to, whilst “What’s Left” is a stuttering bass-orientatednumber. “Torn Again” is a pained key-led cut, where stroked beats and a rollingbass meet. The Yam Who version takes the bottom out of the track, in order tolet writhing synths and a post-dub bass dominate.

Break Reform – Waiting (Abstract Blue)

After a brief absence, the incredible London-based Break Reform outfit returnwith a serenely minded taster for their next LP. The original version is afragile cut, with melancholic keys, barely there brass and delicate vocals. Domu’s revision is an understanding fractured revision, where dejected keys,shuffling beats and inside-out synths bathe Nana’s lonely vocals.

Alison Crockett – Crossroads (Wah Wah 45’s)

One of Brooklyn’s finest vocal talents unleashes another excellent 12″ on London’s fine Wah Wah imprint. DJ Spinna provides a magnetic version of”Crossroads”, where entrancing chords and beautiful synths back Alison’s pitched up vocals intent on sorting out her relationship quandary. “Embrace Me” is another emotion-full song, with a slippery bass, slow moving beats and inviting vocals.

Mettle Music – Moodswings: Vinyl Collection #2 (Mettle Music)

Steer clear of the pretty standard House revisions and head straight to thegorgeous broken beat style originals for maximum pleasure. “El Mar” is agorgeous ode to the sea, where Susanna Monterro’s lovely vocals partnermeandering guitars and cut strings. “Sleepy Head” takes its strength from thecaptivating strings that sit atop the summery guitars and live bass grooves.

The Rurals – A Deeper Chilling EP Vol. 1 (Peng)

This is the first vinyl outing for three charming tracks, which have been stolenfrom the Rurals most recent CD only long player. “Blame” is an uptempo deepgroover, with banged percussion, magical keys and sad vocals. “Everything I Do”is a warm guitar touched number, and “Charlie Plays” sees Charlie Henshaw dropsome sax science over cymbal orientated percussion and a dancing bass.

Unforscene feat Alice Russell – Don’t You Worry (Wah Wah 45’s)

Queen of Brit nu-soul, Alice Russell excels on every track she blesses with herawe-inspiring emotional vocals. Here her melodic tones soothe, overdemonstrative strings, liquid keys and slovenly beats. Domu provides a vocalreinterpretation where tight broken beats and a rough bass provide her backing,and a Dub where neat guitars and highly-strung strings shine.

Jeremy Ellis aka Ayro – Lotus (Ubiquity Records)

After the protracted release of his debut LP, it is a pleasure to announce that Ayro’s next album will surface on Ubiquity early next year. This lo-fi twotracker shows how Jeremy’s sound has developed since he first thrilled the music-buying public with the captivating “Let This” 12″ in 2001. “Lotus” sees Jeremy whisper sweet nothings over shimmering synths and incredible strings. “Bombakiss” is an afro-type percussed number, with an elaborate key and bass question and answer session.

V/A – Soma Dubs Vol. 2 (Soma)

Funk D’Void and Envoy get the vocal-less remix treatment from Germany’s esteemed Steve Bug and the currently in-vogue Alex Smoke. Steve steals the show with a rude acidic overhaul of “Can’t Get Enough Of A Bad Thing”, where spongy acid, a frowning bass and forceful keys reign supreme. Alex screws up the original vocals so much on his dub of “Move On” it would have been better if he’d left them off completely, as screeching synths and trippy keys collide underneath.

Leo Tardin’s Grand Pianoramax – Starlite (ObliqSound)

Key tinkler Leo Tardin gets his forward-looking jazz track revisited by NuspiritHelsinki and broken beat scientist Domu. The original is a cleverly drummednumber, where guest skin hitter Jojo Mayer’s beats provide a contrast to Leo’slight keys. The Nuspirit Helsinki version is a lovely key and trumpet lacedrevision, where a magical provides a real lift. Domu’s mixes derive theirenergy from travelling synths that ride fractured percussion on his ‘Main Mix’and smooth beats on his ‘4/4’ version.

Ananda Project – Raindown (Exceptional)

Chris ‘Anada Project’ Brann is an incredibly talented producer of luxuriousdeeper house outings and lush fractured beat driven compositions. “Raindown”features vocals from the wonderful Heather Johnson, whose angelic tones touchedChris’s bewitching “Talk Show” track, which was released on Spiritual Life, alittle while back. Here, she adds passionate vocals to a track where rubberybeats, a beautiful sax and guitar-tinkles are the strongest elements. The BluMar Ten revision of “Breaking Down” is an organically toned restful rerub, withsitting back drums, alone keys and a shimmering sax. Louie Vega’s ‘RevivialMix’ of “Breaking Down” uses classic guitars, shining synths and loveable keysto complement Heather’s pleading vocals.

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