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Reckoner Remixes - Flying Lotus, Diplo

Reckoner Remixes – Flying Lotus, Diplo

Radiohead have been running a user-generated-remixathon over at Some top-notch folks have been getting on board so I wanted to share a couple of the good ‘uns with you. First up, Flying Lotus‘ ethereal workin’ over: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Download HERE Diplo also tossed his hat in the ring with...
Amplive's Radiohead Remix Album

Amplive’s Radiohead Remix Album

Producer Amplive, of Zion I, looks like he’s having a go a the DangerMouse route to fame – completely remix a wellknown album, make it available for free, get smacked down by the powers that be, but leverage the situation and resulting publicity for the better. In this case, he’s actually come to an amicable...