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Okayplayer & Definitive Jux Battle to the Death

Okayplayer & Definitive Jux Battle to the Death

The folks over at Always Urban, the independent clothing retailer, want to let you know about this clothing battle they are hosting between OkayPlayer and Definitive Jux. See the official blurb below. And they have also sweetened the deal by offering a 10% discount to anyone that votes! Two hip-hop heavyweights are asking hip-hop fans...
Jon Phenom's Hay Fam Show

Jon Phenom’s Hay Fam Show

Designer/stylist Jon Phenom recently launched his Hay Fam venture which is a web show, spotlighting cultural movers n’ shakers in the underground scene, focusing on fashion and music.The first few episodes are up at HayFamShow.comHere’s my fave so far with Rickey Kim of Evil Monito. Other installments include Josh Madden and Raymond Roker.