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My Very Own Bic Buddy!

My Very Own Bic Buddy!

Today I had a lovely surprise in my mailbox. The homie Ritzy Periwinkle sent me one of her very first vinyl toys that she customized for the Bic Buddy Artist Series as a ‘thank-you’ for helping her out with some marketing. Check out the pics below of my little beauty ;) And yes, that’s Ritzy’s...
Ritzy Periwinkle's Bic Buddy Vinyl Toy

Ritzy Periwinkle’s Bic Buddy Vinyl Toy

The homie Ritzy Periwinkle, who is an amazing artist, is making us proud with the release of her first vinyl toy. She is a featured artist in the Bic Buddy Artist Series 1. There are 13 artists in total, Ritzy being one of only 2 female artists in the series. Official details: Bic Plastics recently...